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I took an interest in photography back in 2009, when I’d recently been promoted to a project manager position at my job. I’d traveled the US installing custom designed proprietary software for clients. During my free time, I took pictures of whatever I could, every chance I got, of all the unique places I’d traveled to. I was a pure hobbyist of the craft, I never cared about getting paid, or how bad my picture(s) came out, (they were always bad) and I mainly shot in auto because I didn’t have a clue on manual camera operations. Over the years I improved my understanding of photography and gradually moved over to the world of videography. Unfortunately, my camera at the time wasn’t all that great and I had to upgrade due to the extreme limitations and functionality of the video feature of that camera.  As I write this, I immediately begin thinking about auto focus, and how that wasn’t even a thing back then; compared to what the cameras can do now (2021). In my personal opinion, the technical advancements of technology have made people lazy because it completely takes away the process of learning how a camera operates, in both photography and videography operations. After one gets beyond that learning curve, this is when things get interesting.


Unlimited creativity! This is what I love mostly about the craft. The sky is truly the limit and your imagination would be the only thing that would ever hold you back. The combination of photography, videography and post production (Video Editing) is where my specialty lies in. I bring to life my client’s ideas and concepts. I’m very passionate about what I do and I do my absolute best on delivering consistent and premium quality results. Schedule a shoot with me today to bring your visons to life.  If you can think it, I can create it!  


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